KR Trailer 2 phThe year 2017 will see the CD release of Clive's new musical ‘King’s Ransom’, as well as the theatrical debut of the show in September. Just as exciting as this are the rumours that there might be a feature film version of both ‘Alchemy’ and ‘King’s Ransom’ some time in the future. This would be in collaboration with filmmaker Neil Monaghan. With this intention in mind, Neil is producing a small series of trailers for the upcoming ‘King’s Ransom’ release and performance.

Clive: "I'm happy to present "King's Ransom' video trailers! The first one features myslef as Professor King. We gave the second one the title of 'Jeopardy', and it features the characters Eva (Gemma Ashley), Josephine (Verity White), William (Guy Barnes), Roza (Natalie Barnett) and King (that's me again!) Each one of these trailers puts us an inch closer to that feature film plan. Hope you enjoy it!"

Don't forget that tickets are available for 'The Fire and the Quest' weekend, featuring the debut performance of 'King's Ransom'.

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