Alchemy the Movie lightClive: "It has been a long couple of days as the team have been building the cell in Newgate prison… inside my garage !

When I wrote the musical I was hoping for a handful of theatrical performances... we have done that, and much more!
The filming will be done slowly over a period of about a year, so I'm taking a deep breath.

The camera and lights will be set up soon, and a make up guy will start work in a couple of hours. For the most part, I get to just watch now… and do the catering.

Luckily this is a relatively simple scene (Neil Monaghan, the director wanted to begin making this film with what he calls a ‘soft landing’)… but it won't be long before we are calling for extras to take part, just saying.

HERE is a clip of me recording Andy Sears' vocals for the first scene to be filmed."