"From The Outside In"

Laura Piazzai sing the music of Clive Nolan

Laura Cover final small


1. Beauty and the Beast
2. Shadows
3. From Ignorance to Ecstasy
4. (I Can't) Walk on Water
5. Book of Thoughts
6. Sacrifice
7. Sensing a Presence
8. (I Can See Your) House from Here
9. Murder
10. From the Outside in
11. Closer
12. Whole Again
13. Horizons in Your Eyes


Music: Clive Nolan
Lyrics: Clive Nolan
Lyrics for track 5 and 8: Clive Nolan and Kimberly Ferris
Vocal: Laura Piazzai
Vocal: Clive Nolan
Guest Vocal on track 7: Andy Sears
Keyboard: Clive Nolan
Acoustic guitar: Roberto Barcellini
Electric guitar: Oscar Mapelli
Drums: Sergio Quagliarella
Bass: Gokhan Ince
Electric and acoustic guitar: Mark Westwood
Drums: Scott Higham
Bass John Jowitt


Clive Nolan 2019