DVD 1: 'Alchemy Live'
(in Katowice, Poland)

+ Bonus:
The Making of 'Alchemy'
Interview with Clive Nolan
Interview with Agnieszka Swita and David Clifford
Interview with Scott Higham and Mark Westwood
Photo gallery, Desktop images

DVD 2: Bonus DVD

1. Meet the Characters: Video Stings
2. Marcel Haster's Interview with Clive Nolan
3. The Fundraisers: A Tribute

4. John Vis' Zoertermeer Fundraiser Video:
(Covenant of Faith, Closer, Desperate Days, The Warning)
5. Guitars for 'Alchemy' with Mark Westwood
6. Magda's HandyCam Diary
7. Clive Nolan Discusses the 'Alchemy' Themes

CD 1: 'Alchemy Live' Act I

CD 2: 'Alchemy Live' Act II

CD 3: Bonus CD

1. Overture - Song of the Dark
2. The Holy Bond
3. Amelia (First Draft)
4. The Unwelcome Guest (Early Version)
5. Desperate Days (Soheila Mix)
6. Ambush (Original Demo)
7. Tide of Wealth (with Bass Milosh)
8. Invisible (Victoria Mix)
9. The Romans are Coming
10. Burial at Sea (Original Demo)
11. Sanctuary (Clive and Noel Mix)
12. The Nightmare
13. Street Fight (Original Demo)
14. Snow Chase
15. The Graveyard
16. Final Chords (First Version)


Clive Nolan
Agnieszka Swita
David Clifford
Victoria Bolley
Andy Sears
Paul Manzi
Tracy Hitchings
Damian Wilson
Chris Lewis
Christopher Longman
Soheila Clifford

Noel Calcaterra (Bonus CD)
Peter Hughes (Bonus CD)
Brian de Graeve (Bonus DVD)
Marijke Groenendaal (Bonus DVD)


Clive Nolan: orchestrations,
arrangements and keyboards (Bonus CD)

Mark Westwood: guitars
Scott Higham: drums
Kylan Amos: bass
Claudio Momberg: keyboards

Ian Stott: horn
Penny Gee: violin

Metal Mind 2013