Gemma Ashley Vera VoceGemma Ashley, the Caamora Theatre Company lead soprano, has released her first solo album, "Vera Voce". The album is a classical crossover featuring a selection of songs ranging from opera, operetta and musical to gothic rock. "Vera Voce" was recorded and produced at Thin Ice Studios by Clive Nolan and mixed and mastered by Karl Groom. In addition to the masterly renditions of the classical crossover repertoire, the album also includes the premiere of "Solitary Man", an aria from Clive's forthcoming musical "King's Ransom".

Clive: "'Vera Voce' is a terrific classic crossover album - Gemma's voice is in best display here with a wonderful collection of songs both familiar and less so - also we have a sneak preview of my new musical, 'King's Ransom', with the song 'Solitary Man' - great stuff."







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