FQ FINAL OFFICIALClive: "The Caamora Theatre Company cast is, as we all know, a fluid thing, and with this in mind we have made a few changes to the line up of both the ‘King’s Ransom’ CD and the ‘Fire and the Quest 2’ weekend.

Victoria Bolley is not able to be with us for the next leg of this adventure, so the part of Eva will be going to Gemma Ashley, who will perform on the new CD and also in both ‘Alchemy’ and ‘King’s Ransom’ at the ‘Fire and the Quest 2’ weekend. In turn, Verity White will play the part of Dr. Josephine on both the CD and at the live show.

So, the full and final cast listing for the ‘King’s Ransom’ CD is as follows:

Professor Samuel King – Clive Nolan
Eva Bonaduce – Gemma Ashley
William Gardelle – Guy Barnes
Dr. Josephine Kendrick – Verity White
Tom Worthy – Robbie Gardner
Colonel Luther Scovil – Chris Longman
Helena Blake – Christina Booth
Captain Fergus Maunder – Alan Reed
Edwin Deeks – Chris Lewis
Jacob Alderdyce – Ross Andrews
Martha Kitson – Joy-Amy Wigman
Paper Boy – Emily Frechter

Other news and cast listings for the ‘Fire and the Quest 2’ weekend will follow soon."


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