College songDuring his visit to South America in October 2016 Clive was commissioned to compose an anthem for the International College of Punta del Este in Uruguay. Having carefully examined the mission statement and ideals promoted by the bilingual College, in December 2016, Clive completed the lyrics and composed the music to a song he named "The Future in Our Hands". In January 2017 the composition met with a positive reception and was accepted by the Board to be an official anthem of the College. Clive was also invited back to Punta del Este to be the guest of honour at the College's inaugural ceremony in March. Sadly, due to other commitments, he is unable to attend, so another visit is planned for November.

Clive: "This is certainly something I’ve never done before, so it was an interesting challenge: to find the right blend of music and lyric to give that ‘anthemic’ feel to the song. I very much look forward to one day visiting the school and hearing the song sung live!”


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